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  • TerryC….. thank you for your service to this great country, God bless America! Sarge
    Good Morning Terry C in Floridia Land! 63bkpkr is now in Texas, just 32 miles south of Houston living in the small town of Angleton. The town has been kept small by the robber barons of the area hence towns around it have flourished while this one has stayed in a condition of lacking in various modern services, aka: go somewhere else for health services, good thing I'm good and healthy.

    I'm sort of patiently awaiting the completion of the 2nd modification of a Ruger MK II 50th Anniversary .22 pistol, adding Picatinny rails to the receiver and barrel to increase the sighting options. Hopefully later this month the work will be complete and I will receive it 24 hours later. I will send pictures when I have it.

    Hope you are doing well with boat in Florida! Herb/63bkpkr
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    Good to hear from you my dear friend! Keep hanging in there. Maybe soon we'll do an eyeball! soon. Better be soon, ha ha! I'll keep you in mind. TERRY
    Hi Terry,

    My name is Bob H. I'm one of the partners who recently purchased "Digger Don 1" on Weaver Creek. Haven't met any of our neighbors around here yet but hope to soon. Would especially welcome the chance to meet and speak with you sometime soon Terry as you sound like you have a good take on the "lay of the land" in and around WC.

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    Web can do that soon, buddy! Terry
    Terry, just stopping to say Hi to you! 50 below tomorrow with the wind chill. Wish I was in Arizona!
    I recently was on craigslist and found someone giving away balck sand for free. I was wondering if this "black sand" could possibly contain gold dust and if it is worth my time to check it out. I was also wanting to know if there was a way to test it to see if it has gold content. the link is below:

    Free Black Sand
    Terry, I was told that you might be able to give me some direction on obtaining some housing in the Congress, AZ area for October and November. Teacherb
    Hey Terry hope all is going good for you.

    I saw on an older post that you have the MD20 gold prob. I'm thinking about getting 1 to scan rocks and tailing from drywashing but not sure it is worth it or if I should continue saving for a Gold Bug 2. What are your experiences with it?

    Thanks Robert (NMhunter)
    haha, yep only 1 person in the whole entire world loves me! haha. Terry i dont normally do facebook,friends,texting and that kinda stuff! im to old and ive had problems with viruses and such while doing computor things!i meet Reed last summer as i got chased out of Wyomings fires. he drove out from Cal. to dredge with us,but, it wasnt tobe with the fires.this past winter i slipped on some ice and herniated 3 vertabras and tore my other rotator cuff. so dredgeing this year is out and "maybe" forever now?? time will tell! besides, i dont know what all this friends is about! im not very good on these computors.old dogs story!!!BUT what the heck! OK, your my friend!
    Smart move Terry. Looks like you sidestepped the property tax on a home plus you have the ability to move your home out of harms way.
    Wish I would have gone that route after my home burned. Hope your hookups survived. Frank...
    Good vid of the DC10 drop. I didn't know that they came in so low and slow. he actually had his flaps down to get more lift at the slow speed. he was working the lower limits of that plain. Frank...

    You said you live in the MH. Do you have a lot with hookups up there?
    By the way, Have a great 4th of July! Thank You again for your military service!

    You and your comrades are always in my prayers.

    Tom D.
    Hi Terry,
    Not much to report. I only have only found about $1.87. I've not been out too much cuz I have a couple, small nagging health problems.
    But this year my goal is to find my first silver coin, at least 1 more gold ring and $10 with my Ace 250!

    Thanks Terry all the Best!
    Hey Terry, this is the guy you met up at Lynx Creek the other day. I panned some gold flakes out of the area we met, nothing major but it was a good time. Thanks for letting me know about this site. Talk to you later, Semper Fi.
    Hey Terry,
    just wanted to tell you, you're one of the greatest! Thank you so much for everything! I'm working hard and the saga will continue! Will update as things develop! Have a great day! Patcat
    sorry for the late reply been out in the hills we are on day 18, still getting colors.
    all is well, and its getting hotter.

    take care and good luck out there.
    Sorry to bother you, Since the GMT is around 48-50 Khz, is it still a VLF (Very Low Frequency). Or is this a Pulse induction type. I asked another member and they did not understand the question and I thought you would know. Thanks.
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