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  1. What ever happened to Bitcoin?

    Well the price of gold was artificially manipulated for many decades. The point of crypto is that it’s value is outside the control of governments (for the most part). I’m not arguing against gold, just that crypto will have its place.
  2. What ever happened to Bitcoin?

    ARC, sometimes words just don’t convey meaning well enough. Especially for folks that take things literally. It has great potential during times where our technology is not lost. I’m betting folks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, still had/have limited access to cell phones and the internet. Maybe...
  3. WOW ! Just WOW !

    They share some of the blame along with the parents, society, and our government. Everyone can’t come out a hero when things are going south. They actually have more time with our kids than we do…..just saying.
  4. WHOLE BUNCH of GOLD NUGGETS with the Metal Detector!

    Didn’t mean to say you didn’t. But if your going to promote what we do, it might be worthy to mention that part. It’s not all pulling nuggets out of the ground. Good on you.
  5. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Difference is, the young successful adults you speak of can actually count money and tell time.
  6. WOW ! Just WOW !

    I taught my kids to count money and tell time as well as to read. Basic parenting that’s not happening in todays non-nuclear family (in some places).
  7. WOW ! Just WOW !

    “Younger people haven't had as much time to learn, even if they wanted to, compared to us.” That could be an excuse as to why a college age kid can’t do simple math or tell time. I’ve got young adult children and they are very intelligent. Both have college degrees and both could count...
  8. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Gramps dropped out in 7th grade but could count money and tell time! Stop with the excuses.
  9. WHOLE BUNCH of GOLD NUGGETS with the Metal Detector!

    Great trip. Like to see 1 or 2 holes filled on video so as to show folks what we do after recovering bits of metal.
  10. WOW ! Just WOW !

    I’d like to see the same video in a predominant non minority city to see if this is systemic to that spectrum of students. I expect our standards have lowered for all, but especially for minorities which says something for the education system.
  11. Embossed Flask from Notorious 19th C. NYC Slum Lord Edward Rafter

    Thanks for taking the time to put that together. Enjoyable read. Appears to be straw colored glass or is that stains from being buried? Weird to find it sitting on top of the ground in that muck. Was it previously under water?
  12. Gold. What's your reaction???

    Love to know the story behind that pine box. Guess there was some trolling going on in this thread?
  13. Four Years Detecting and Still No Banners

    It’s a combination of a find that makes the folks here go WOW and a find that is presented in particular way that draws new visitors to this site and generates views and clicks. It shows up at the top of the screen as a featured picture “story” or Banner find. Highly coveted by many folks. I...
  14. Gold. What's your reaction???

    History is a mystery. Go check it out. There will be an explanation.