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    Wife kicked me out so she could finish cooking and cleaning before company arrived and basically told me to get out of her hair so what better way to celebrate my bday and the last day of the year... yes! Some good ol dirt fishing, [emoji23] Went out for a quick hunt at an old honey hole and...
  2. 45 USA tag

    Went out Sunday for a quick hunt on a very scorching hot day... my poor machine’s display was affected by the heat/sun... all my letters and numbers looked like 88’s... I knew it was time to leave after that... but not before digging the usual eagle buttons an aluminum dog tag and what I...
  3. Odd tag found at old military honey hole

    I thought I had something special but now I think it was a dud... need help id’g
  4. Old fort coin

    Good job Jimmy!
  5. Fort Yellowstone token

    Stepped out for a few and was pleased with a short hunt find... posted some previous finds I forgot to post with my busy schedule. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks For A Great 6 Years!!

    Well, congrats guys... I agree this site has motivated me when times were most difficult, great site and awesome people... Thanks to every member here and Tnet founders!
  7. Dump hunt w/ my new machine

    Thanks guys, n yes it’s an old military dump WWI & WWII
  8. Dump hunt w/ my new machine

    Lol, forgot to charge the batteries today... I got the itch, gonna sneak out to the dump in a bit. [emoji23]
  9. The nox got me a mint and I mean mint amazing coin

    I’m sorry of course Congrats [emoji322][emoji324]🍾
  10. Dump hunt w/ my new machine

    The funny thing, it’s been hunted for years...
  11. Dump hunt w/ my new machine

    At Gold’s last hunt
  12. Dump hunt w/ my new machine

    After all the hype and a lot of convincing... I finally decided to purchase the Equinox 800. Don’t get me wrong, I love my AT Gold, but decided it was time to upgrade with the multi-frequency Minelab. My buddy Jimzz977 and Bob-E-Pin transitioned over and have been having a hell of a time with...
  13. Back to the dump.

    I know this one guy that loves tokens and might have any idea of what it might be. He’ll probably make you an offer you can’t refuse! [emoji23]