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  1. Need Help With Marbles

    i have found many marbles in my digs and had to buy a book (Everett Grist's) Big Book of Marbles it helps but there are sooo many different ones it takes a while to zero in on identification you could also try a site called Running Rabbit video auctions which deal in Marbles Running...
  2. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Lehigh County here
  3. My Best Find, Big Diamond Ring Apraised @ 4500$

    congratulations !!!
  4. Earring?

    WITH NO SIGNS OF A BREAK ON BACK MAKES IT HARD TO KNOW,you found 2 which could be earrings but what are the odds of both being lost in the same place im no expert but im guessing buttons
  5. wondering your ages?

  6. Time For Another CONTEST

    extracting the juice baby 63
  7. Hunted the Neighbors Yard

    worn: less than $1 US dollar catalog value average circulated: $1 well preserved: $3 fully uncirculated before 1940: $10 catalog value fully uncirculated after 1939: $5 catalog value
  8. The Badger

    hay joe thanks for accepting the fr req. if you and rollins go to that site and dont mind...

    hay joe thanks for accepting the fr req. if you and rollins go to that site and dont mind another let me know im 10 mins from bethlehem and live in allentown

    thxs LOL
  10. Who here goes armed whenever they are out in the field prospecting or detecting?

    i carry but only in the woods not in a public place just in case a bear with cubs or horny buck wants to butt heads when i was in the Utah desert i did for the mountain lion issues and to protect my dog if it came to that. im glad i never had to pull it from its holster in emergency but gives...
  11. Noob!

    good time to research places to go im in Allentown area and im ready to get out there im not waiting for my new detector i will use my old beat up one and if i find good hits with it i will go back with the new one later (still shoppin around)but its not bad digging right now just gotta stay...

    i guess i will figure it out or forget it