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  1. The news that left me with new hope

    i understand that they may have been the ONLY ones interested in buying the company but what a loss. I personally feel that whites was the gold standard of american metal detectors. I loved the vdi numbers whites established. i just bought a minelab vanquish and it gets great depth, is light...
  2. Vanquish 540 wireless headphones

    tanx man will give it a go
  3. Vanquish 540 wireless headphones

    Hi all! Just received the 540 propack and am having difficulties with pairing the wireless headphones. Usually takes me 15 min of farting around till i get them paired correctly. Anyone with any advice? thanks TB BTW the 8 inch coilk on this thing is super sensitive! Cant wait to try the 12 at...
  4. VDI's - 18 and 19

    I just took my brand new 540 out on its first hunt and here are my initial thoughts...1. the damn thing is super sensitive. i even had the sensitivity backed off 3 or 4 notches and was pulling solid signals out of some pretty nasty soil. 2. i am a long time Whites user and am really in tune with...
  5. Any dealer have a good price on the Vanquish 540 ProPack?

    If so please contact me Thanks John
  6. The news that left me with new hope

    Sorry but i have very little hope. Just found out today Whites was sold to Garrett!. I've always considered Garrett an inferior product and was shocked by this buyout. Garret has done an excellent marketing job but they were the last to bring auto ground balance, target ID numbers and still...
  7. How to find rings on the wetsand?

    bigscoop,,,that is the best tip i've seen on this forum in quite some time! Thanks TB
  8. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Found and returned 1990 PSU ring

    i can assure you this was not his situation...i found him on linkdn and know where he works and that he is a civil engineer....just a strange bird
  9. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Found and returned 1990 PSU ring

    Really weird find and return. Was hunting a soccer field around Beltzville Lake and found this heavy Penn State 10k man's ring. Started off the day really really PO'd because some scumbag loser had just hunted these fields within the past couple of days and left literally HUNDREDS of holes...
  10. Sanskit Bible . 1000 years old.

    Wow!! Now that is awesome...what a find...just imagine what the world was like 500 or 600 years ago.....any idea what it is worth? Great job!
  11. Out of Service up date !!

    hope you feel better...I have been off work for 7 weeks now after a fall..nothing sucks worse than being down and out in the summer
  12. The Newest Menace on Florida East Coast Beaches

    It cracks me up.... they are always PMing about detectorists and the holes they leave...we are the ONLY ones who leave the beach cleaner when we leave than when we got there......finding these in the sand should be enough reason to allow us open access to any beach we want to hunt. We are doing...
  13. Good luck charms, Secret weapons, Rituals, etc.

    Here i thought by the title that you were a Mason or part of some secret world domination society8-)
  14. Almost threw out this silver ring, but you will understand why when you see the pics

    Lorraine, you should really think about opening a jewelry CLEANING business here on Treasurenet(I'm serious!!). The b4 and after pics of your finds are amazing. You really have a knack for restoring silver and gold. John
  15. tumbler

    I believe that powder is some sort of grit which will prove to be too abrasive for coins...most guys use aquarium rocks...try ebay for a used one..kellyco was way overpriced when i was looking to buy one of these