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  1. cold weather detecting

    The greater the degree of difficulty, the higher the reward.
  2. How to hunt cemeteries?

    Is there a regualtion on the length of the probe for hunting these sites?
  3. Spam Man

    The problem BK is having is the owner is a millionare. Yes men wouldn't let him thru.
  4. Spam Man

    Must be common I got a friend that's got one. Just kidding glad to see you finnally posted one of your finds. I'd email the picture or send the picture, along with your e-mail address. That way the ball is in their court.
  5. D-Tex Detectors

    There might be people who collect them, they still talk about them. You should get some responces.
  6. build a floor without gold

    Reminds me of the site on the Dahlonega museum in Georgia, the bricks of the building contain gold. Bricks were made from local mud. Pete
  7. First Timer

    I think that Bh will get as good as depth as anyother BH, They come with the same coil, Priced $100 to $700. Check the ads out. it's the same coil. Do they have a DD? There is the sniper coil, and a larger one I believe. Not knocking the BH, got my find of a life time with one.
  8. Needing more info about Button find....

    Looks like a eagle infantry button, might be civil war. Backmark is the key, if you can read it there are sites to find the date of the button. Nice find Pete
  9. Whats the best metal detector you use

    The best one to use, is the one you fully understand. What ever you have just get out and use it enough. In time you will find items, you'll be proud to show off. i have two detectors, both by different companys. I love the higher price one, but my best find was with the cheaper one. I believe...
  10. round object buckle ?

    BK, 1st post, batting 1000.
  11. Thank You to the Hawaiian Express

    Wisconsin update 8 more inches! Not so bad though, wetter spring deeper keepers.
  12. Heres what I did with some of my clad!

    Re: Here's what I did with some of my clad! Onion you saw my coin and posted a reponse. You must have gold fever! As for your buying a new detector and the misses is not going for it. Might I suggest that Valentines Day is soon upon us.
  13. JimmyOkla

    Sometimes I forget to change before detecting, but I not that bad.
  14. Todays finds...a Whites MXT

    Re: Todays finds...a White's MXT Gain and dual have little white arrows, those are the preset to start with. Give that a try, then put it to relic. Try both over a known target see what you think. The triger by the handle i keep in the center. Relic gives a high tone, you can night hunt by sound.