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  • Dear CBG, I just posted a thread in "What Is It?" with your name in the subject line. It is in regards to a possible Maryland Cross Kepi pin. Would appreciate your thoughts?
    Thank you very much for answering my question in such speedy fashion. I am new to this site and to Metal Detecting in general so im sure youll see me posting in the "what is it" thread often. Thanks for your expertise
    Thought you might be interested in what I found when I hunted the "depression in the field where the crops wouldn't grow.There was an area about 40' long and 10' wide that was LOADED with melted lead. Like somebody had sowed it like grass seed! I dug 'em ALL for about 20 minutes and The ground was LITTERED with this stuff. Mixed in were percussion caps. Most fused to melted lead. I did pull out two dropped three ringers, and the dented face-only of a New York State cuff button. I feel sure it was just a large campfire which 160 years of plowing has dragged out about 40 feet. But here's the weird part. I located the edges of the lead-bonanza and worked the periphery and fanned out in all directions. NOTHING. It just turned off like a spigot. People have joked that Virginia soil must be lead-poisoned in spots because of the CW bullets here - in this case, they might be right. Thought you'd want to know, and thanks for all the help you give.
    Hey old friend I see you have left the page wide open to me for a long time lol And i wasnt around to jump on it. I have had some health issues but back at it again. Hope all is well your way/
    Maybe you can help me identify this cannon ball.I have been researching a local battle of the War of 1812 for the past two years and I now have just under 100 artifacts of that battle, 95% of them are cannon shot consisting of canister, grape and swivel gun shot. This fall I found the cannon ball shown in the link below reply under Gldnbrew, as you can see from the thread that it does not appear to be British.
    I have a second question. I came across a site the other day on cannon balls, that person was claiming that only British shot had seams from the molding process and the American shot did not have any seams. Is this true?
    Thanks for any help you can offer,
    Paul Beers
    Hi Cannonballguy,
    I recently dug up what appears to be a 12lb cannon ball. It weight 12.2 pounds (digital bath scale) and has a diameter of 4.52 using a string around the circumference then dividing that by 3.1416. It has the right markings i.e. the forging ring filed down and repaired/filled vent and fill ports.The one thing I am concerned with is a "12" stamped on it. I read that generally a number stamped on it would classify it as a sports shot put ball. Any ideas/opinions? I am thinking about taking it to our local national guard armory historian and let him take a look.

    Here is where I read about the number stamp. SolidShotEssentialsMod
    Hi,I'm new to the forum and would like a little education. I have two of what I think are cannon balls.I'd like to know for sure if they are or not.Would you care to look at some pics,w/ the measurements? Thank-you for your time.
    Were these M1874 E&H stamped brass used for sword plates or ceremonial buckles? Pretty flimsy to strap on a pistol / sword. Is there a difference between NCO buckle and Officer buckle. New Infantry Officer ceremonial buckle is very similar. I am a proud owner of one of these units in excellant conditions purchased on ebay. Please give me an estimate of value. How Did E&H buckles made between 1859-1866 fasten to belt? MSG Mark (Ret.)
    Mr. Cannonballguy sir:

    I have measured most of the lead that I had in my previous picuture. I was wondering if you would look at them and see if you can better classify would it be better to put them in a word document and email them?

    hey just saw your post thank you, so its defiantly not a cannon ball what would be your opinion as its id thanks so much for your time
    Hi ,I was wondering if you had an e-mail I could send you some pictures to of a stirrup I found today .
    For some reason I cant upload the images in a message ,I really value your opinion and would like you to verify my thoughts on this stirrup.
    Thanks Bart
    I was wondering if you knew what this is from...i was given your name in a post id made..i found this in massachusetts and i know its close to some designs ive seen, ive checked everything from hat badges, cockades, fire backs, memorials, chest plates, from the civil war or militias, no luck on any of it, it has a slight curve from side to side but not enough to be for a hat in my opinion.

    I have another couple of pictures on the same picasa site if you need to look at them....i hope you can help so i can arrive at my next md meeting with some information other then eagle on a plaque

    Cannon Ball,

    Thanks so much for your thorough email regarding my cannonball. There's a Harbor Freight Tools a bit down the road from me. Next time I"m that way I'm going to get a digital caliper and find the answer to my cannonball. Thank you kindly for your responses, I truly appreciate your expertise in the matter. Regards, Jon
    I found a an iron ball with a ridge around it abou 20 years ago. If I send you a picture and details can you help me determine what it is? My name is Cole and I can be reached at Thanks!
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