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  • Would love to talk to you about Jim Bowie...I put some stuff up in the thread...not a treasure hunter but have come across very strange things on our land and don't want it taken would you make sure the state didn't confiscate the silver?
    Hello my friend sorry its been so long.can you join us to take out one of the peralta mines? I have my son three from this network and three old partners.I'm going to post one of my old maps this week. Compare it to the peralta, you'll see I have all of them.we will drive in, get out and dig, no hiking, but will be in get 2%.
    Hello LittleBear,
    Yes, I am still in nad still around! I haven't done any rallies due to my supposed to be deploying in 2009-2010 and of course I canceled all my shows, then my deployment date got moved 7 months out and a month prior to train up in the end of 2010 it got cancweled all together which also closed my business. If I had credit cards at the time I probably could have saved my business, but it would be like I first started in all the areas that wouldn't have made me much money and it took me almost 2 years to get to the prime locations to make good profits! I still have a lot of product left and still grant the warranties nad still do lighting locally if someone wants some installed.

    I got a job last week and of course I been working in this Texas heat for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week sometimes 7 from what I was told.

    Yeah, I know how you feel, I hadn't been gold prospecting in Kingsland or Llano in a good while and need to find some color!

    Did you go to ROT?

    havent herd from you in a long time hope youre still around this area. are you still in or did you get out and what about the hd lights i havent seen you at any rallys .any way havent riden much and evan less detecting call me and lets talk 512-293-9810
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