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  • Florida beaches are owned by the PEOPLE of Florida. They are OUR beaches and you are allowed to detect. I can give you permission, being a native born Floridian, these are MY beaches as well! LOL!
    You ARE NOT allowed to detect the beaches in a Federal or State park. Only the high tide mark, down and into the water.
    If it is land/water/beach that someone has a claim on, (like the Sebastion/Wabasso/Jupiter Inlet), it is OFF LIMITS, unless you have permission from the claim holder to detect there. Keeping in mind, if you do find something, it has to be turned in to the claim holder, tagged and logged for state records, and if you are lucky, you may can get what you found in a year or two.
    I think those are the rules, as condensed down as I can make them. Public beaches are all open, parks and claims are closed.
    No, that's not me, though at times, I do get accused of being blonde! LOL!
    Thanks. I appreciate it. Yes indeed we are persecuted and I will not bow down to them. Jesus Christ is Lord, He is the King and if they don't like it then they need to move along, LOL. I am stubborn and refuse to take garbage from any non believer. There is an atheist on this site whom i have tried numerous times to reach out to but he refuses to hear the word of God. People like that are who prompt me to speak out and put what i did in my signature. I made sure he knew i was proud of it and always will be. Good wins over evil EVERY TIME! Thanks for the comment, i appreciate it that others see and believe. Take Care.
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