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  • CRACKBADGER: What is the lowest that will work for you?
    I like what you have done, and want to keep all mods.
    The problem is that I need the stock 8" coil for hunting here.

    would there bee warranty left on the detector, if minelab installed the smaller coil ?
    I know that minelab, would charge $350 to do it and would insist that it be returned to stock condition

    I would appreciate any comments/recommendiations.
    Will pay extra part of cost to ship to Hawaii.l
    I am trying to get a workable deal, maybe it would be possible to install a sovereign connectors and pot them in soft rubber to be water proof
    Question,do you have a used GPS that you could sell me? I will be there in July and I am shipping a vehicle . Hope we can meet up again.
    Hey brother I will be in Deagu in July. Going to ship a vehicle this time so we can all meet up . Hows the new baby and the rest of the family doing?

    Hey brother,how ya been? I just got orders back to Korea,Deagu . Down south but this time I will be an E-7 so I can get a vehicle this time. Let me know if you know where I can get me a good small vehicle there for under 2 grand. Must get good mileage and be dependable.I may be able to find one on base.I will be there this summer. Bunsan is about 50 miles from the look of it and it looks to have some nice beaches. Looking foward to hanging out with you and V again.

    Hey buddy I had a big token collector look at the tokens I found in Florida and he couldn't find out much about them but did give me a value on them they are worth between 250-350 apiece . Do you still have the ones you found?
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