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  1. Found next to Native Indian Stone Hammer and Fire starter rock...gotta be something?

    I might be the grindstone to an Indian metate.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Button I.D.

    That's a VERY early 2nd Regiment US Army Button. NICE find! George Washington Inaugural Buttons ? * 1787 ? 1808 *Post Rev WarWaynes LegionInfantry Regiments
  3. Cannonball? Live?

    Not so; many shells had two holes.
  4. Need Button ID

    The Eagle button on the left is a Civil War Union Staff Officer's button. If you could get a better image of the second button, we might be able to track it down.
  5. Help ID Gorget

    Can you help me ID this Gorget? Found at a site in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, 7 years war era, maybe French. Thanks for any help.
  6. 🥇 BANNER Fantastic Bayonet found at our school!

    Yes, it's a Dutch Bayonet Right on, it's a Dutch Bayonet. Had one myself. These date from early 1700's. Distributed to Colonial Militias in Virginia and Georgia.
  7. What Kind Of Bird?

    Looks like an Osprey. But in the desert? Body of water nearby?
  8. Is this old?

    The base appears to have a "Graphite Pontil" mark. This could indicate 1850's to 1880's. If that's a graphite pontil.
  9. What is it? Brass?

    Copper. Repousse' ashtray.
  10. If not a sword,dont know what it is...

    I believe it is a sword, but need measurements, close up photos of the blade and tang to be certain.
  11. Spanish Reale...where?

    Site on the east bank of the St Johns River in Northeast Florida, near "Picolata". 2 Reale, dated 1789
  12. SCARED...???

    That's a banded water snake. Harmless, but stinky
  13. 🥇 BANNER ~~Colonial Cellar Hole~~1775 "Liberty" Buckle~~

    Try sending Don Troiani (the famous historical painter) a picture. He is a real authority on artifacts of that era. is his e-mail.
  14. What animal is this?

    Get your ducks in a row!

    Ink it up and print it on a sheet of paper. Then try to match that up with a picture on the internet