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    Years ago I came down with a sinus infection and was prescribed prednisone , having taken it before I knew it makes me very hard to be around ,everyone's a jerk but me when I'm on that crap. so I get a doctors note to take a few days off to get past the infection and moodiness. Well I didn't...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Not a clue what this is.....

    can you post some pics of this broom making tool ?
  3. Wildman "Dent" Myers Has Passed Away .

    The link want's me to pay them to read about the death of a man I never knew , I did get to see his pics though , wild looking dude.
  4. Cold!!!

    Went to Tarpon Springs FL to go fishing , the boat wasn't going out due to the cold weather it was 60*F
  5. Is there anything better than a good cup of coffee?

    Lots of things better than coffee but us old guys seldom get a taste of it . :3some:
  6. ✅ SOLVED Big chunk of brass

    maybe the base of a vase or urn
  7. Need a very good metal detector for deeply buried treasure!

    and here lies the problem .If your gonna make one hundred million bucks why limit your machines cost? after all you'll be richer than rich when you dig up all that treasure. maybe you can slide someone a few million to bring there machine to your site. Good luck .
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A Face rock? Help please found in nc amongst tons of artifacts...

    Yep it looks just like a face , I would have kept it too . Don't be so testy , the staff won't put up with it.
  9. Need ID help with unusual find

    nice what ?
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Not a clue what this is.....

    you're right Treasurenet is the best , I see you're a long time member, we hope you'll stop in more often .
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Not a clue what this is.....

    it's your granny's hair crimper, curler
  12. Field strategy?

    If you can find the cloths line hunt there . I've done well in that area.
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found this weird cloth while digging.

    maybe used to wipe by a construction worker , I've seen the evidence of that while detecting construction sites.