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  • I am willing to buy your Tesoro Tejon. How to get in contact with you? My email usametaldetectors@gmail.com
    Sincerely, Alexander.
    Hi Tim. I am enjoying the Vaquero that I bought from you. I am still learning. Do you happen to have any Whites machines that you are planning to sell in the near future? I am interested in a M6, MXT, or MXT Pro in particular, if I can find one at a good price. I think my wife would enjoy a vid. Take care and let me know.
    Tim I answered your posting on the DFX Like I said I will take it send me your address and I will get a MO off to you in the morning. When you receive the MO send the DFX to
    Don Latterell
    1303 Livingston Ave
    West St. Paul, Mn. 55118

    Phone 651-457-6171 if you have any questions
    Thankd Don
    Hey Freddy, I am putting it on Ebay tonight, really need the cash. If he will buy it with paypal today it's his otherwise I got so sell it ASAP.
    The company went under so I am working for myself. Do you still have the tiger shark if so my brother is sending the money my way if you can hold it till Tuesday or wednesday, he said it should be here he is sorta old school
    Tim hows it going man dig any nice rings silver or gold Hey about the delon I found out last monday the company we was working for might possibly be fileing for chpt 11 bankruptcey they said but we are all welcome to still work. LMAO yeh right I'll be right in they are behind 5 weeks pay I should have know after 2 weeks they said it was the bonds not clearing. Dahhhh they get you everytime. I would love the delon but I have to wait for the wife to get paid in 2 more weeks so if you can sell it go ahead. I have a couple small paint jobs I am going to do this weeks and send off some of my gold to ebay it is all plating I was going to reclaim it by aqua regia and purify it but don't have the solution. Just wanted to give you a heads up on the detector since I seen you posted it again. Freddy:icon_thumright:
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