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  1. Looking for a mentor in SE CT.

    Hey all. I live in Gales Ferry, CT. I'm extremely new to MDing and THing in general. I would love to go out with anyone who "knows the ropes" and learn a bit in the SE CT area. I have a Discovery 2200 and am looking at upgrading or building a DIY rig. Any help or pointers would be appreciated...
  2. Gold furnace vs propane tourch

    Being the DIY type I found this instruct able and fell in love with it. After that, you can find all over how to purify and extract physically and chemically.
  3. Land vs saltwater. Whats the difference?

    Land vs saltwater. What's the difference? Hey all. So, I'm really new to all of this. I'm trying to learn as much as I can. All I have is a Discovery 2200 that a friend gave me (can't say no to free stuff). I know it isn't the greatest. I'm also a bit of a geek, so I figured I'd build my own...
  4. I have no idea what it is?

    Or that creepy guy from "Sinister".
  5. I have no idea what it is?

  6. Hello from CT

    Hey all. I'm really new to all of this. I've been reading about the treasure of Forrest Fenn and may have been bitten by the bug. We'll see. It's all at least fun to conjecture and ponderize about. Any hints would be most appreciated. See you in the field! Tim