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  • Hey, give me a call sometime so we can catch up, I had to drop of the radar for a bit, wondering how things are with you!
    It's going pretty good. I actually started a new job this week, so I'm not ordering boxes until I figure out the lay of the land at the new place. I have 4 straggler boxes to pick up this week, but that's it for a couple weeks. Last week wasn't bad. I ended up with 13 90's and 63 40's from 24 boxes. How does it feel not having any boxes coming in? I think I'm going to have a tough time stopping the hunt.
    Squash the beef? Lets put the stuff aside. How did Ur week turn out? And question in your opinion if you had to buy boxes from boa sov or wells what one would u pick. And what is your favorite bank to get boxes from?
    I make enough money now that searching through coins is simply not worth the time. :) I still maintain a passing interest.
    Hey Tim those 3 skunk boxes gave me 16 proofs!! I love proofs i keep them no matter how bad they look at least i got proofs so it wasn't a complete skunk
    Amen to that, your one of the veterans in the game that I respect immensely..What people do to hijack ones awesome post I swear..Thanks!
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