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  • Glad to see you are still out there. Haven't run across you on the new forum.
    Until now. I'm am still learning the minelab 800.
    Got 5 pieces of silver this year and ane 1858 small cent.
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    Hey it is good hearing from you and am glad you have had time to hunt. The new forum is a lot better when you get used to it.Sounds like you have been doing well on your hunts. i am jealous! I have never had more work than I have right now.
    Crazy times hopefully this economy does not crash. Stay on that sweet silver and good luck with that new machine. I hear it is a beast!
    Hi there....really like "your" idea for the Mounds page....very interesting! Wish we had some Volcanos count? lol Have a good evening TN :)
    Hey there, just checked your album while "awake". lol They look good, were easy to see and had no prob. Nice boat & arrowhead/spear heads. Dog still won't "unfriend" you! :)
    I always enjoy looking at your great artifacts in your pics. Excellent pieces!
    i still the tribes that slumber,im going to look and see if a point i have is in it when i get ack from work,thanks again richard
    hi, doing good, been really busy this last year with work and such. I still get out to my little honey hole and dig from time to time. I am hoping I will have a lot more time this winter to do that more. So far I have gotten over 300 points and 18 pestles from that one spot.
    and no where near to being done with it. how have you been?
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