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  1. Garden shots

    I had double pneumonia during Jan and Feb. It was rough.
  2. Hunted yard was almost empty !

    Red Coat you beat me.
  3. Hunted yard was almost empty !

    The emblem on the back is Turkish.
  4. wildflowers on tree stump

    Looks like multiflora rose.
  5. Arrowhead help!

    With the base gone it's hard to tell the type. The material is heated Burlington chert. That part is unmistakable.
  6. ✅ SOLVED Tumbled Chalcedony, first time..

    I'd be very happy with those samples. Nice job.
  7. Who can identify this rock

    Maybe petrified palm wood?
  8. Down but not out

    I'm still here and healing up. Pneumonia will knock you for a loop. I lost 18 lbs. Then a CT scan showed a spot on my lung. Did a pet scan and it's either inflammation from the pneumonia or cancer. I get a biopsy next week to tell for sure. This sure is stressful.
  9. ~ celt like tool~

    Definitely diorite. Diabase is much finer grained. Granite has quartz, mica, and feldspar.
  10. Finding old Indian Camp sites.

    I do pretty good where two creeks come together.
  11. Two pieces of flint found today

    W. Ky. Hornstone heaven.
  12. Confederate Soldier's Gold Ring???

    That's my dream hunt right there. Good and plenty.
  13. Civil War Confederate Artillery Button and More

    Like the rail tag. St. Louis, Memphis & Southern Railway????