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  • Hi Terry. I hope that all is well with you.
    Well, I had to put the Ace 250 away for the season. I didn't use it much this season, but had fun the few times that we went out.

    Any big gold in your pans?

    Yesterday they said that today's temp will start around 8 F. So barring a warm spell, I am done for the year.

    Be good and stay warm.

    Just a quick "Hi" to you and the rest of the family. Always nice to talk to you.... my link to the neighborhood! Take care. Terry
    Tnx for the message, Tom! Always nice to hear from you, my friend. Happy 4th to you. Terry
    Hey buddy. Haven't seen you post lately. You ok? I'll bet it's getting a little COOL up there lately. Take care, my friend. Terry
    Fellow Disabled Treasure Hunters, I’ve been Swingin’ and Pingin’ with my Ace 250 from the comfort of my manual wheelchair since June. It’s been a lot of fun!
    I roll backwards to get better coil-on-the-grass time. Extend the poll to it’s max, so it is as far away from the metal footrests as possible. I don’t cover as much acreage as I did in my previous life, but that makes each find that much sweeter.

    I haven't scored any silver or rare coins, but I found 2 Wheaties from the 40s.
    Total count is...
    42 Cents
    11 Nickels
    16 Dimes
    24 Quarters!

    A small 1.9 gram gold woman’s ring (no “K” or number inside)
    A dog’s tag. I called the owner to see if they needed it and they could just come & get it. But she said that it's replaced already and was Amazed that anyone would bother to go through any trouble for something that was not theirs! She thanked me and that gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    Anyway, as a few of our other members will also tell you, it it can be done from a wheelchair.
    Hi, I use any bank that I and my immediate family have accounts with. If your bank has 2 or more branches in your area, take turns with each of them. I have tried other banks and found that some will, some won’t help. It’s important not to go at busy times because they remember who makes their job harder. If a line of customers must wait for the cashier to count about 2,000 of your cents, and then, if it stops, they must change the cent bag that has just filled up. So go weekdays 10-11:00 AM or 1-3:00 PM.

    Call coin dealers in your area to see if they will buy the 1959-1981 cents
    I look for most of the coins listed in the Cherrypicker’s Guide. I use a 10 power jeweler’s loop. I found a 1982 p small date DDR $175, 3 1984 DDO (the ear) $90 each and many others. Cherrypickers' Guide (9780794822859): Bill Fivas: Books

    PS I can only offer you an extra $5 over face value for the 82 lbs of copper.
    Hey. I have about 82 pounds of copper cents - but I havent try selling it yet... For errors, I look for the 1970 short date and error wheats such as the 55 ddo, 36 ddo, and 69 ddo.. What bank do you Get your cents at and dump?
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