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  1. BUZZKILL? Or Not?

    Yea. It's kind of like kissing your sister. But still, she is a girl! :)
  2. Hi from Minneapolis

    Welcome to T-Net, Tom. From Tom D in Mequon, Wi.
  3. Am I going crazy?

    Hi claypile. Be careful but keep on living. I am a wheelchair driver since 1982. I stopped flying small airplanes but kept driving. I gave up metal detecting 2 years ago but took up coin-roll hunting. Don't let fear override wisdom. Be well !! Tom
  4. New in colorado

    Welcome to T-Net, Nicole. from Tom in Milwaukee
  5. What is the most valuable thing you have ever found?

    How deep was she? Perhaps it was the tooth braces that gave her away. :)
  6. Hi Fellow treasure hunters! New Bern NC here!

    Welcome to T-Net. Feel free to share your questions and photos.
  7. 1876 pin need help identifying please

    Welcome to NetScape. Matthewzirk101. I have no is.idea what it
  8. OFF on another adventure!!

    " As you can see, Tom and Alex are physically challenged. I do not know how I could handle being in their situation. They are stronger men than I am! " Bologna. Terry, you suffer with more pains and service related injuries than I could ever endure. Thank you for your service to America! Tom
  9. OFF on another adventure!!

    That is a BIG paw print!
  10. OFF on another adventure!!

    Terry, thanks for stopping by today!. I enjoyed your descriptions of your trip here, to Wisc. Great stuff! I love Butch's log cabin. But the white Certinted Two Pane windows stand out. :)
  11. OFF on another adventure!!

    I enjoy these old tractors. Thanks Terry. Tom
  12. Finally found my white whale!! Still in shock!7

    Great photos of that great Morgan find
  13. Food from the forest .

    Thanks ticdig
  14. Food from the forest .

    Do mushrooms have nutritional value? More than others? Thanks
  15. What Alcoholic Beverage Got You So Sick, You NEVER Drank it Again?

    "Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end. We'd drink and barf forever and a day...."