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    Tom - I sent you a friend request. We've been sporty in the past but I've got more out of the debates because of it. Your call
    Hi Tom,

    I sent you a friend request. I'm new to metal detecting and live in Ca. I'd like to follow your posts and this seems a good way.

    I did a google search on rules and regulations of Tennessee state parks, and it is in there, near the swimming pool section, no metal detecting or mineral detecting can be used.
    Tom, i posted in the Ouiji Board thread about a paranormal experience i had with a demon in the philippines. Do you believe that these entities exist ?
    Did I ever respond to this PM ?

    Don't know if you remember me. Anyway I'm in New Mexico but my brother still lives in Bishop. He found out today from a construction foreman that one of the workers at the work site( Bishop) found 47 silver coins along a foundation that was being torn up. One worker found a CC silver dollar and that started the whole search. I t seems this guy called his wife in Bakersfield and had her bring up his detector that weekend. Well as the story goes...The coins were ALL CC coins!!! Have you heard anything relating to this find down in your area?

    Hi Tom, Just wondering if you know of any site that gives good information on Treasure Trove laws in California.I know I have seen this info before, but cant seem to find it now. I guess the fed laws would also come into play? I dont really need info about Lost and Found laws, those are pretty clear, (cant keep anything!) hahahaha. If you send anything to ARA, I guess they also notify the IRS, after a certain amount?

    I seen that you seem to be up on the detecting laws, so thats why I decided to ask you.

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