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  1. Shell Tool

    That is a really nice example. Well made and not exhausted..

    Jack Rock. Waste your time, fine. Not mine, thanks. If you think this comment is rude and dismissive I haven't even started yet.
  3. THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7

    Does he cut the edge-crusts off his bread slices?? LOL
  4. Osceola Greenbrier

    That is a schweeeet one! Not to stomp on your post but for additional ID's of type. One from FL/GA border (couldn't get the base thinned!) and one from Ft. White, FL
  5. Who are you.

    Nope. Borned Alabamy, raised NJ, married SC and 42 years in Tampa Bay. Yankee or D_m__d Yankee? LOLO
  6. Who are you.

    fairly recent pic woi
  7. Pot Head Detectorist

    I'm 67 and yes you did miss something but it is not too late. Just sayin' lol
  8. Please help determine if this is a shell spoon/utensil.

    Reddish brown is definitely organic stain and the blue is a stain that comes from saltwater environment. That blue is very common to see on shell artifacts. The red/brown coats shell and the blue actually penetrates into the shell
  9. Anybody ever do their genealogy?

    I haven't done my DNA but my sister did. So she got "our" mtDNA (maternal) which showed that Oetzi the Iceman was in the same general mtDNA haplogroup as we are LOLOL. My ancestry done many years ago and likely not perfect or correct showed ancestors going back to Queen of England and...
  10. Interesting piece of chert.

    It is fire popped woi
  11. Any input?

    It was headed for the ballpeen anyway...
  12. Collection I Was Gifted

    Oh man that is awesome!!! Guaranteed you deserve it!