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  1. I found a silver coin in a PENNY ROLL?

    A couple years ago I got some grandma cwr dime rolls which had several barbers and mercs. I went back to see if there was anything left. The dimes were gone since the tellers must have noticed the goodies or I had gotten them all so I bought several rolls of pennies. The rolls were heavy solid...
  2. OK...My Favorite Ring

    Its easier for me to find a new one to post. I'll get one up here soon lol.
  3. Did anyone detect Coin Beach DE after May 7th 2022 Nor’easter?

    We should see a photo or two once they're sure its clean lol.
  4. Did anyone detect Coin Beach DE after May 7th 2022 Nor’easter?

    Likewise, I thought about it but couldn't get motivated. It looked great but the locals will have it cleaned up by right about now. Its 3 hrs for me as well. I remembered they had just replenished Ocean City all the way up so that was a couple mil well spent but it dulls the option of fall back...
  5. Videos Killing CRH

    Hilarious! Things seem quite competitive out there. I believe it was covid that really killed CRHing in my area. I exchange as well when possible or when they tell me they have a change shortage. If they don't want to swap I just dump. I don't look for errors unless I see a collection dump or...
  6. Epic Eyeball Find!

    Nice work! Every time I stop and almost get killed in traffic its a balloon ribbon or at best junk jewelry.
  7. 2021 Results with Pics (Dad and Tanner)

    Yup one skunky year, 2021. I got a few but heres to that better 2022! I've been getting as many halves with the metal detector as I have from the bank so far. As long as I find something sometime I stick with it. Its tougher than ever to pick up n dump.
  8. Detector advice for metal ammo can

    U can probably go on facebook groups, find someone in your area metal detector group who will come find it. I found one for a friend a few years back. He could have found it with a probe. We walked out and he put me right on top of it. Not much of a hunt lol.
  9. See, kids. Solid rolls do happen...

    Ahh, I miss those days. Congrats. How cool for the youngsters to be a part of that! I'm trying to wean myself off crh-ing. I used to visit 20-30 banks a week. This was the first week in years I don't remember stopping at one bank. Full rolls used to be a regular thing but I haven't seen one...
  10. How many of you USE a sling to Help support your Detector ?

    I use a sling on my equinox and excalibur because you can't set the detector down underwater or it'll be gone lol. I use an old bike inner tube and tie it around the handle. Its got some give and it can be made just the right length. They're free at any bike shop. Word of warning they can leave...
  11. A Few From Yesterday

    Thats quite an assortment and no two the same. Thats pretty unusual. I'm used to getting the standard three ringer minie. Intersted to see what type of buttons come out. I'm thinking Confederate
  12. Need suggestions on metal detecting along a riverbank.

    Rivers are tough. Long stretches with nothing but tons of trash. Erosion on the bank is constantly trying to help us but also deposition can put a can 18 inches down in the muck quickly and put any good targets out of reach. TooManyHobbies has it figured. Go up anywhere thats being eroded and...
  13. Two Watches in Same Hole

    I found three in a row, two in one hole and one a few feet away on the edge of a sports field two weeks ago. I wondered the same things. I suspect one person convinced the other to take their watches off and put them down together.
  14. Husband thinks it’s stealing…

    Salvage not theft lol
  15. Equinox 800 weight

    Yes its very nose heavy especially in the water. I have no trouble on land with it. Poor ergonomics.