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  1. Biggest Scoop

    T-rex is 9 1/2" . Takes a big bite.
  2. Found a good luck charm

    vpnavy, the kid said he had one at home. He also asked me how old mine was. When I told him it was a new one that I just picked up, he replied "So you have an old one? I need a new detector." with a big smile on his face.
  3. Found a good luck charm

    So I finally got out for a second time detecting in the local lake. First two hours were nothing but bobby pins and fish hooks, and a junk ear ring (not shown). Then a kid ~ 9 or 10, befriended me. Usually kids are a pain in the ***, but this guy was cute, and kept diving, talking, diving. Every...
  4. 3 pieces of gold and 2 silvers in 3 days!

    Nicely done. :icon_thumright:
  5. Help me figure what this is historical or not?

    My first thought was soap stone too.
  6. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Walls Can Talk: A Hero's Dog Tags Returned

    Nice return. I'm sure they appreciate it.
  7. Early morning fishing.

    You're killing me with the fishing pics. I haven't been in a few years. That duck is banded, get some close up pics of the band and find out her history.
  8. Next winters heat.

    I'm with ya. Oak, maple, ash. There's a certain satisfaction seeing a big pile of stacked wood.
  9. Hawk looking over the feeder again.

    I have a pair nesting just outside my yard. Looks like a squirrel nest in the fork of a tree. Been watching them for a couple months. Just heard peeping a couple days ago and mama was ripping something apart to feed them. Probably a mouse that the male brought to her. I wish I could see into the...
  10. 🥇 BANNER New Random Field - Day 4 - Hammered + ROMAN GOLD COIN (Wish List No.3)...

    AMAZING!!! You're living the dream. Congrats on another banner find.
  11. I don't remember this Game

    You're lucky it wasn't a Belisle, you may still be there.
  12. I don't remember this Game

    I did it with a mb750, setting for beaver, attached to a drowner cable, both thumbs. I was able to drag a small rock into the water to set the trap on, use one knee and my other foot to compress the springs enough to get my thumbs out. Trap long enough and everyone gets caught sooner or later.
  13. Any ideas?

    I'm with NV, first thought was base of car jack.