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  • Hi Trailrider, wanted to send you a pic of boulder below the one you saw on my post, but the mail only give me the option of using a URL and not the option of uploading off my computer.
    I live in the central south, USA. I want to thank You for your help. It is a wasteland of signs and symbols around here. Lived here 20 years now and never noticed until recently then discovered the signs and symbols on TNet. 101 is great for starters like me and the big bonus is having others with their experience helping. Thank You again

    PS: any Idea how I can send pics to you here on TNet?
    I hunt alone too, health getting bad. God is out there and speaks to you. I spend more time taking pictures than anything else. The lion and priest always mark a hole for me. Good luck on your adventure. You ever see a fat man with a tan hat and a 5' foot walking stick, that's me, say hello.
    Hi trail rider, if you are able you might check out the ridges of that wash you are going down for a trail up there and more permanent type markers there. Though it does look a bit brushy,I would expect a trail to be up there. I could be wrong though... Be careful eh?That looks like some loose matrix there. Its kind of cool because you are looking at layers of history as you go down that wash. Who knows what will turn up!
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