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  1. Help me help my grandfather

    Super dumb question. But will a five pin work in place of a four pin?
  2. Help me help my grandfather

    Sorry about that. The Sticker on the top says c33648. I believe it’s a 9x8 as @steve1357 posted one that looks just like it.
  3. Help me help my grandfather

    You are correct. It?s a 9x8. I?ll keep my eye on eBay, what would be a comparable replacement aftermarket. I don?t mind dropping a fair amount.
  4. Help me help my grandfather

    Hello! My grandfather has been into ?hunting? as long as I can remember. He recently had a pretty big uh-oh snagged the cable out of his Tesoro coil. I?m fairly handy with electronic repair so he asked me to try and reattach it. To my dismay it?s a waterproof coil so I can?t find any way to...