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  • Hey Birdman,
    I would love to visit your lead on the old resort area on the inner banks. Sorry you have to go back to Korea. Let me know about your lead.

    Treasure Quest
    Hey I have orders back to korea in the summer. I have a hot lead on an old resort area on the inner banks. I have only been there once and the tide was too high. Should be lots of silver there from the 20-50s. I will let you know where it is in the future if you would like the lead.
    Hey I just put my Bath property up for sale... I got orders back to Korea and I am paying large taxes on just a lot so we decided to sell it.If I could get the taxes dropped I would hold on to it.I have one good lead on an old swim area that I am going to try this spring .If I can't get there I will let you know the location.
    Dan, I haven't gone as much as I would like to,but, I have found some nice gold rings,silver coins and relics.After they close a freshwater beach I hunt next month I'll be back at it.When I go it's for five hours on a tank of gas.Don't forget weightbelt,wetsuit,I use a shorty in summer and a full in spring and fall.It surely can ADD up!Underwater is a whole new world and I really like it. God Bless Chris
    No I have not hunted my property at all. It is a grown up lot at Peninsula acres. I have tooled around the bay and hunted the point where that big sail boat was and only found junk.I think they just got it moved. I am really looking forward to hitting the area but I live by Goldsboro which is about 85 miles away.
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