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  1. Does anyone have a recipe to use in rock tumbler for cleaning clad coins?

    I use a tumbler all the time to clean clad coin.. simply, use beach sand and 2 tablespoons of dish detergent. Tumble for 6 hours and wash off coins should be clean . Andy
  2. New to hunting

    Hi Chris, We are a local metal Detecting Club called the NUTMEG TREASURE HUNTERS located in North Haven,CT . Check out our website at : we would enjoy meeting you at our next meeting on May 8th at 7:00pm check our webpages for directions , meeting dates and times...
  3. New digger in SECT (Groton)

    Jeremy , We are a detecting club located in North Haven,CT called the NUTMEG TREASURE HUNTERS you can check out our website at for meeting dates and times. We actually have a seeded hunt coming up this weekend for members . Best of luck digging in the earth , Andy

    We recently launched a new website for the NUTMEG TREASURE HUNTERS located in North Haven, CT . We would enjoy hearing from all metal detecting friends out there. We are always looking for others to join our club and be a part of our seeded and natural find hunts . Our new website is at ...
  5. New "Treasure Hunter" in CT

    Hi Jonathan ..We are a local metal detecting Group .. Hi Jonathan .. We are a local metal detecting club from North Haven,CT .. Nutmeg Treasure Hunters Club ... We have some exciting seeded hunts if you are interested .. ANdy

    Hi , Just wanted to let you know that this club is still in existance : Nutmeg Treasure Hunters Club ( North Haven, CT) We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month , except for June ,July and August we meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month due to the use of the town green. Our Meeting place is...
  7. $50k in gems lost in Norwalk Ct. train wreck

    Anyone interested in the actual newspaper account of the Norwalk train disaster ? I will sell you the actual newspaper which covered the story on the May 6th , 1853 crash. You get the newspaper dated May 14th, 1853 which covered the story on two pages. There are several engraviures ( since...
  8. Gold Washington Dollar cache: clue inquiry

    I've done alot of research on the topic of the Washington Dollars Stolen in East Granby in 1779. I also had information regarding evidence of the French coins that were minted in France and have indentified the investor who put the 2 million dollar loan with France together. I met with his...