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  1. Couple of firsts today!!!

    Thanks everyone! I plan on going back this week if I have time. Hopefully they cut the switchgrass when it dries out this spring. Will make it a lot easier to detect.
  2. Couple of firsts today!!!

    Got these 2 bells at an early 1800's house site today. House was used until somewhere in early 1900s as 1939 Aerial photo shows just a cellar hole in the field. Landowner told me he filled it in around 1950. Field is a pain to detect. Its switchgrass. Spent a few hours there and found these...
  3. Load of lead

    I could did these all day. This was 2 hours spent on about 30 yards of bank.
  4. Load of lead

    Found all this in the bank of a creek. Opposite side of creek is the town I live in, no houses on this side. Any of it look older? I'm thinking target shooting across creek.
  5. what do you carry??

    All the normal tools. Most important of all is my 9mm. I have had a couple times that I feel it has kept me from getting jumped in the middle of nowhere. Ran into a math lab once. And a marijuana grow on my neighbors property that he didn't know was there. Meth lab was in a barn at an old...
  6. Item from possible shipwreck site in Carribean

    Looks like a phallic symbol with legs
  7. "Shocker !!" Found a Military Medal Today !

    Is there a name under the blurred out part on the medal? Be cool if you could find recipient or his family if he is deceased.
  8. great variety of finds along creek.

    Thanks. I think that pre-hotel and while hotel was there people must have sat on back on town side of creek and shoot across. The far bank is loaded with lead. I bet I could fill a bucket with what I didn't dig. After awhile I could just tell that it was lead.
  9. great variety of finds along creek.

    The LC was right in the creek rocks. Spent lots of time under water when the creek gets high. Which is most of the year. The 2 center was up over the bank near an old stone spring. Not much water makes it up where I found it. they had a Damn across the creek and used to take small boats from...
  10. great variety of finds along creek.

    Yes the key is hollow. I need to get some permissions from more people who's houses sit where a turn off the century hotel Sat. 145 rooms is roughly what it had. It was quite the place from 1890's to 1920's.
  11. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Crawford county here
  12. great variety of finds along creek.

    Thought it was a nickel until I got the dirt of it in the creek. It was up over the bank near a stone spring. Heading back there again. Have to wait until Sundays because of archery hunters.
  13. great variety of finds along creek.

    Thank you. Dug about $5 in clad also. I think some of the bullets and round balls have some age. Creek runs through town that has had a no discharge of firearms law for at least 30 years. The oval fishing weight appears to be hammered flat. Has no mold lines and looks to have hammer marks.
  14. great variety of finds along creek.

    Thanks. It would look better without the scratch. I almost cried.
  15. great variety of finds along creek.

    Sorry pictures are sideways. Posted from phone.