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  1. 7 star military brass button

    Thanks ppl, I feel so much better now because I had a hole in my pocket and I lost it.
  2. 7 star military brass button

    I found this button off a trail by a park in York, PA. It looks like it was from the Civil War. I don't know too much about it.
  3. Insulator Find

    Nice color on that beehive there. It looks like a green aqua to me. It's worth about 20 to 30 dollars according to North American Glass Insulator Price Guide. I couldn't tell you the exact date but if I had to make a good guess I would say it's from the 1890's.
  4. Antique Insulators

    It looks like you got a couple ponies there. The one with the wire grooves on the top and bottom is a CD 112 with Sharp Drip Points (SDP). The one on the left in the second picture is an Aqua color. North American Insulator Guide says price at 1 to 2 dollars. The one on the right, looks like a...