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    Open for some onto a dowzing site and posted a BS comment like I know what I'm doing (

    Thinking about telling the idiots that I usually use a pair of 1952 Studebaker antenaes...but today I used a 1952 Studebaker and a 1966 Pontaic antenae...and got mixed signals...

    How about we both get on there and mess with them for a few days...
    Sorry to hear about Poorhunter's passing...he was a viable part of a small group...

    Do you know what happened?

    Would like to send flowers and a note to his family...maybe we can get together on this...let me know

    OK Dude...what's the story?

    You stray from the reservation and shoot a bad guy?

    Who, why where and what for? (and WTF)

    You seem to still be active...kiss and make up?
    Sorry to hear about your bout with cancer...let me know if there is anything I can do for you...
    Worked in a Packing House from age 17 to age 21...Assistant Superintendent...became USDA certified architect later on...We slaughtered lambs, hogs and beef...including Kosher lambs and beef...
    Wife came home today, I asked WTF is wrong with you.. You seem weird like something is wrong.. She said Yer Big guy made it, I'm Pregnant... Poorhunter is gonna be a daddy again!

    Was that a RTD bus?

    The articulated ones are sure a dream to drive...even when impaired...
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