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  1. Point found in creek along Hiwassee River in SE Tennessee

    ....or instead of being a "sacred gemstone arrowhead"... it is just a projectile point made from a really tough stone to work with because nothing else was available.
  2. definitely worked stone found in a field in eastern NC

    if an artifact, what was its purpose?
  3. Topaz yellow

  4. Painted rock art

    no, nothing indigenous. Just junk and scraps from trash heaps and burns. You would find a lot of that on my property. Your stones are also just rocks. If you really had something it would be obvious to you and you wouldn't need to ask. There is no such thing as "portable rock art".
  5. Dam Counterfeit Large Cents

    +it makes me feel old to think folks needed to be told what that drill was used for. Everyone I knew growing up had one.
  6. Japanese Marker

    your first pic is in a Latin Alphabet... looks like K A N S J or something similar
  7. 2 spots 2 points 2 days

    love to find one, they sure do not last long in the ground.
  8. Japanese Marker

    I doubt Japanese would use Latin alphabet.
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Some strange evil looking thing in the woods. Petroglyph or natural....

    there looks to be other dimples and pock marks on this stone. granite will freeze/thaw and pieces can "pop" off.
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Indian artifact……. What is it?

    looks to be a piece that has an accumulation around it, natural.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Projectile Cannon/ Artillery? Would like more information.

    those slots on the sides remind me of something a retractable key would fit into to snug it up.
  12. Any Russian Linguists Out There?

    pretty sure it is Yiddish, which uses a modified Hebrew alphabet
  13. Possible Hammer Stone?

    yes but do the ends show excessive wear from striking so as to be very different from the rest of the rock?
  14. Bird effigy?

    it is missing any signs that it was made to look that way. An actual example would be so obvious that you would not have to ask.
  15. Old Coins Inquiry

    this vase of silver Mediterranean coins was found in the Philippines?