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    That’s some great finds… and they say the “good old days” are gone… you’re proving we’re living in it now…. Keep kick’n dirt….👍
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    Some relic hunting photos and relics of 2021 Relic hunts past. It was a good year for relics, not as good as 2020, but very good for my...
  • Looks like it was made yesterday… or maybe the day before yesterday?
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    Looks like it ended its life as a hafted scraper to me… I have one strikenly similar, I can share a pic. Later in the week….😁
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    I don’t think I’ve asked about this one. Found at a site that I’ve got woodland to historic with a possible paleo ( the little white...
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    The “notch” appears to be take from one side.. I can’t say if it was intentional or not. But, being nearly centered, I’ d say...
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    A very small area on wide end, flat bottom…
  • A Cobbs blade, I found a couple of weeks back. It’s right at 3”, and shows no beveling. The first of its type i’ve seen with a notch on...
    • 7A2FD3A4-3ABE-4BB5-ACF4-3C38D171571D.jpeg
    • BE6CE5DA-848E-4B69-8A2D-D48AF4F138EF.jpeg
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    The triangle, to me, doesn’t quite “fit” to the north blade.. but, it very well could be. The other, could very well be used as a chisel...
  • A couple from s.e. Minnesota, both surface finds. Out of Winona county along the upper Mississippi River valley…✌️
    • 9890E273-098E-4B98-9CBE-584DD98E49EE.jpeg
    • 851DAF8D-B510-4485-AA10-02ECC72FBFDC.jpeg
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  • Man, you killed it. A great day, you’d literally have to drag me out of that field.. rest up and hitt’er again.. next trip, carry more...
  • The hunt for the elusive hardstone Friday evening the rain started, a steady cool rain accompanied by strong winds. There was a strong...
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    Very nice… looks to be a Kramer to me, as well…👍
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    Went to a coin club Christmas dinner yesterday and a good friend brought me a gift. It’s the only artifact he owns, one he found as...
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    That's a Hopewell hornstone cache blade. They made a ton of them. Thousands of them came out of Crib Mound in IN in the 70's. Art...