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  1. 1834 half dollar

    Wow, it's in amazing condition!! Congrats to you!!
  2. Street Trolley Fare Placard

    Nice find!!
  3. Nice Fugio.....Newman 15-Y at a new spot

    Thanks Buzzy!!
  4. 1803 large cent found at an 1870's house!

    Love them ol coppers!!
  5. The barn gives up another good one

    Nice find
  6. Colonial Escutcheon With Ring Pull

    Nice find Vermonter
  7. CFT 8 Real and Machin Mills Vlack 2-71A

    Nice find Buzzy
  8. Went to Vermont, Connecticut, and New Jersey in an hour and a half.

    Wow Buzzy you guys had a great day!!!Congrats on all your finds!!!
  9. 🥇 BANNER 1719 King George Coppah !!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on an exceptional find!! Nice to see it up top....