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  1. Colonial Escutcheon With Ring Pull

    Here’s the back. I don’t know the answer on why the iron ring. I wondered the same thing. I called it a small escutcheon/ring pull, but maybe that’s not what it is. It wasn’t dug too close to the house. More the near field or barn area. The site goes back to 1790.
  2. Colonial Escutcheon With Ring Pull

    I haven’t done much detecting lately, but I got out this evening and dug this sweet little relic. I love the primitive work on it. I’m assuming it is colonial era, right? Drawer pull or something else? I’ve only dug broken “bat wing” escutcheons.
  3. ✅ SOLVED Dandy Size Button - Stamped - Woman & Dog

    Turns out it’s stamped brass picture button from about 1900. And that’s not a little dog. The scene is Esmeralda and her dancing goat from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Dandy Size Button - Stamped - Woman & Dog

    Dandy Size Button - Stamped - Woman & Dog She appears to be dancing and holding an instrument? The little dog is dancing too! Old world cathedral and cobbled streets.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Dandy Size Button - Stamped - Woman & Dog

    Dandy Size Button - Stamped - Woman & Dog I’ve never dug one like this. It’s dandy-size, except it’s embossed with a scene of a woman and a dog in front of a cathedral and town. Any ideas? It looks and feels like a flat button, but I doubt it’s that old.
  6. Sweet Indian Head

    I’m always envious of those beautiful full liberty, green patina Indian Head Pennies some folks dig. Mine are almost always pretty crusty. But today I finally got a good one, and an 1876 too!
  7. Old Flat Button With Thin Anchor

    Tough to say the metal. It's flaky for sure like old dug pewter and almost paper thin. Darker than the photo too, but still basically a brown color. Too bad it's so toasted.
  8. Old Flat Button With Thin Anchor

    I'd never seen the V shaped stock on the anchor and so thin and plain. If it is what it looks like, then yeah I think it's pretty old. I found similar looking buttons on this site. Continental Navy! Possible?
  9. Old Flat Button With Thin Anchor

    Any ideas on this one? Naval? Really pitted and flaking. The anchor is just a thin line. I think I see the arrows at the bottom. The top (from what I can make out) is a bit different. It's from an old site.
  10. Interesting Design - Gold Gilted Button

    A little lemon juice brought out a ton of gold gilt left on this thick one-piece. I can't quite read the back mark. Interesting design on the front. Anyone recognize it? It's from a site with a long span of relics, from colonial to mid 1800's.
  11. Army Maneuvers 1908 - Pine Plains NY - Medal

    Yep, it's a watch fob. I researched a little more after first post. There were general commemoration medallions as well. I think Vermont only sent the 1 regiment, but having the unit named on the relic and being the first year ... nice little bit of state history.
  12. Army Maneuvers 1908 - Pine Plains NY - Medal

    I dug this fob commemorating the Vermont 1st infantry regiment at the 1908 Army maneuvers in Pine Plains NY. I believe this was the Vermont National Guard unit. 1908 was the opening year of the camp which became Fort Drum. General Frederick Dent Grant (son of President Grant) commanded the...
  13. Cut Large Cent

    Thanks all. I'm pretty sure the thick Braided Hair cents were worth more than 1 cent of copper. That fact probably lent a half-cut Braided Hair Large Cent some value/support. The half cent denomination was still being produced at the time of course, and you could still buy something for a half...
  14. Cut Large Cent

    I haven't been doing much detecting lately, but I got out the other night on a site I've hunted a couple times before. I decided to deal with the noise and go for some all-metal mode swinging. It paid off. I was able to sniff out a couple signals I missed. One of them was this cut Largie. Pretty...
  15. Finding Iron in the Iron

    Nothing great here, but a funny story. So I was hunting an old cabin site where I've been many times. I looked down, and right on the chimney pile basically, I saw a late colonial flat coat button. I'd been over that same spot a half dozen times and not seen it? That's weird, but even weirder...