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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help identifying this?

    Kody appears to be fairly new to the forum....I will give him the benefit of doubt. I only call names to those who deserve it...after all, I have a life outside of tnet, don't want to sweat the small stuff.
  2. What could this be

    Looks similar to a Trifari brooch
  3. Old heavy iron spike SW Florida

    What I see there is mostly concretion, meaning there was not enough there to conserve. No harm done....if you hadn't done it, the elements would have finished it off as it now was exposed to oxygen.
  4. Only my second seated dime; this one's in pretty nice shape

    I don't think it sounds silly at all. I remember my first 1800s dated Indian head cent, the homeowner was quick to grab it out of the finds pile. My first thought was to go buy one exactly like it or even a little better shape one and see if they would trade me. I wanted that Indian from the...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown Indianola, Texas

    I misunderstood your post no.3, but I am on the fence as to what it actually is. It does look similar to a clothes line pulley as Benny suggested.
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown Indianola, Texas

    That would be the biggest suspender clip I have ever seen if that was the bottom half of it......just sayin
  7. Old heavy iron spike SW Florida

    That would be my preferred method.....or you can whack it with a hammer and that will knock off the big stuff. If it is forged, it won't hurt it.
  8. Old heavy iron spike SW Florida

    Iron spikes were used in ship construction for fastening above the water line....but you gotta get it derusted to tell any further what it may have been from
  9. Intuition pays in silver and gold

    Beaten but beautiful
  10. Yesterday’s Recoveries

    Those buttons are beautiful.......sandy florida soil is so kind
  11. Suggestions for my 1st metal Detector.

    May your first detector.... not be your last detector
  12. 1800's general electric fuse...

    I could go on and on how archeologists screwed over 5he local historical record there back in 2020. I was much involved in it and wrote a nice sized report on my findings and how their agenda was far too biased and misleading.....interesting stuff went on there.
  13. 1800's general electric fuse...

    I grew up on the streets you are diggin at.....I was diggin holes all over that neighborhood back in the late 1970s through recent years...... send me a PM and I will show you some historic stuff I have dug from the area, if you are interested. I know the history of all of those blocks there on...
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Looking for help on ID'ing this item.

    Reminds me of part of a vintage yard water sprinkler....they had lots of cool designs to them back then.