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  1. The highlight of my metal detecting career

    Congrats! That's awesome stuff!
  2. 🥇 BANNER $1 US 1856 Gold Dollar

    Wow! Amazing find!!!
  3. Started watching the NCAA college basket Ball Finals :(

    Yeah I saw it and thought it sucked. Turned the channel til it was over.
  4. Lost Gold of the Aztecs - Who Watched?

    DVR'ed it and watched it today Terry. I thought the first show was pretty cool. Although I will say I can easily see this getting boring quickly if it's week after week of dead ends/nothing new. I mean that is the nature of treasure hunting but I can do that myself without watching it on TV...
  5. 15" coil for Equinox

    I use the Minelab 15" when I beach hunt and to me it's worth the $$$. Covers more ground and depth. People can argue what's better, the minelab 15" or Coiltek but a 15" is definitely a benefit on the beach.
  6. On/Off on the 800

    Just out of curiosity, did you ever submerge your Nox under water?
  7. GPR TECH with Equipment

    Welcome! Quick question for you. I have an underground spring on my property. I'd like to dig it to create a pond. Would GPR be able to pinpoint exactly where the spring is?
  8. Beach detecting vs relic detecting

    I do both. I prefer beach's the beach. However, I don't live by the beach so unfortunately I don't get to do it as often. I think both are rewarding. I have found some great pieces of history relic hunting inland and some great valuable jewelry on the beach.
  9. Legend Enroute

    Congrats! Bart is the man!
  10. Hi from Boston!

    Welcome from VA!
  11. It happened.....

    Great find! Congrats!!!
  12. New in colorado

    Welcome from VA
  13. Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome, I am also an avid beach hunter and primarily use a Nox 800. I even get down to NC quite a bit to detect even though I live in VA. Welcome to the site!