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  1. Whatever. Bad experiences with people?

    No Need for a jury when you have the Judge . . . The way I think on that is better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6
  2. Whatever. Bad experiences with people?

    I am a card Holding CCW Member and I carry no matter where I go and what I am doing ! That solves the Problems most times before they start ! LOL
  3. F44 Weirdness !

    Update Sent it back to Fisher And they said The coil was defective From Factory . . . It was Leaking and was falsing on even the slightest Mineral it found . So waiting for my Detector to get back and then i will update you guys if that was really the problem
  4. F44 Weirdness !

    Going to do what you said right now. Ty
  5. F44 Weirdness !

    I will do just that in the morning thank you very much !
  6. F44 Weirdness !

    Nope it was a nice 52 degree day.
  7. F44 Weirdness !

    OK all here goes was out with my 9 year old it is now doing something weird . As I go on the hunt and I start the swing I find something get a hit I dig it find a can of some sort. I lay down my metal detector it beeps. I pick it up swing the spot it just beeped and nothing. I swingit...
  8. Bucket list item

    Yup finally a Bucket List find ! My first of my to cross off my list. This Yup I did it I literally looked dynamic and night where a friend tod me would not let me down andhe was right ! Thanks man !
  9. Logging camp boot gun!!

    I found this . Long ago , . .
  10. Is there a thing as a silver penny ?

    I did dig them they were. Plastic in another plastic bag with. Package of cilica. They where not wet at all they came out just like you see them . Must have been a collection of some sort.
  11. Is there a thing as a silver penny ?

    Well today I went out to the Lake and figured I would root around with my F44. I was swinging and all off a sudden Beep then again Beep beep beep . So I pinpointed it and started to dig. Dig I didn't points mode said it was about 7 inches down in the sand . I slowly dug and looked and looked and...
  12. Very Heavy Hand Carved Chair What is the Origin?

    I mis Understood sorry .
  13. Sterling Silver Golf Trophy Cup for $1

    Luck Strikes with you Bud I wish I could find something like that it can add to my next Detector Purchase .

    Congrats to the Wife on her Find ! Keep digging !
  15. Anyone know what it is or its origins?

    I think this might be something to the effect of this I could be wrong but my Grandfather collected it and has so many awesome things I am not a pro at spotting it but I am almost positive. Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. Typically it...