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  1. Coin burying tool

    Just thinking out loud.... How about a battery drill and bit.
  2. How old are you ?

    There is no shame in getting old, but it is sure as he77 unhandy.
  3. confederate treasure map ?

    In the first pic, I see the word 'you' and a little lower than that I see 1926.
  4. A SERIOUS question for those that KNOW or think they KNOW

    This local house built in the early 1800s always amazed me. Built from handcut limestone.
  5. Coyotes close by last night

    Yes, coyote can be taken anywhere in Pa. You must have a Pa hunting and a furtakers license. Must pre-register. Can use dogs or call. Can hunt in groups if all register. Can only take coyote during specified time. I believe it was noon Friday until noon Sunday. Several wildlife biologists and...
  6. Coyotes close by last night

    The contest was held over the weekend. There was 4200+ entered and 270 coyote harvested, each paying $64- in prize money. Largest male weighed 47.85 pounds and largest female weighed 46.5 pounds. They each received $8500 in prize money. The female also placed third in overall weight and...
  7. Coyotes close by last night

    This coming weekend will be the big coyote hunt/contest held in Pa. It's sponsored by a sportmens club. There will probably be over 4000 hunters register and over $40,000- paid in prizes. Top prizes for largest male and largest female will be close $10,000- each. Largest male is usually around...
  8. Stop Digging Pull Tabs!

    And if the weather isn't fit to be out, you can stay inside and crochet with it!
  9. ✅ SOLVED Need ID help on 2 Medallions with CE symbol

    Christ Emmanuel??? Maybe?
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Does these symbols on the tombstone mean something ?

    If Fred Flintstone had a jeep, that's what the grill would look like.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of hammer is it?

    Wow, it's metric, who knew?
  12. Gray Squirrels

    I've been doing the same for the last 35+ yrs. Although I use my atv and cart. My cousins own the 4 neighboring dairy farms, so lots of corn! At one time I had a 8x12 tool shed that was my dedicated corn crib. One time in March a bear found out about it and tore the end out of the building...
  13. Gray Squirrels

    I guess some boys got BB guns when they were kids and maybe some got Barbies.
  14. Question for North Eastern Folks

    I'm guessing they are waterways, drainages, unfarmed to prevent soil erosion. Think... dry creekbeds.