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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flange Spacer - Antique Auto?

    Probably looks newer than it should because I glass beaded it. Since it was found about 6" down, I expect older.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flange Spacer - Antique Auto?

    True, I hadn't thought of a single barrel carburetor. Might have been used to pull a vacuum for something.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Flange Spacer - Antique Auto?

    A little background. I invited several detectorists to explore area around my colonial house. So far, except for a few wheat pennies, they have found about 30 pounds of iron. Largely farming relics. About 6" down, they found this. It may be important to note the house has never had steam heat...
  4. Iron plate about 100x50 cm on a british WWII trench

    Could be, I suppose. But the bracing on the underside indicates it was intended to support pretty good weight.
  5. Iron Spoon - Age?

    After looking under a strong light, I suspect I can make out the letter "W" on the rear. Adding a little bit of "by guess and by golly" I suspect I can make out "W"ashington. This is almost entirely speculation. It could all be convenient rust pits. It may just be wishful thinking.
  6. Iron Spoon - Age?

    Having quite a time digging in the backyard of my colonial era house. Not much colonial, but so far 3 pounds of nails, and 8 pounds of relics (farm implements) out of a 10' x 10' area. In any case, today I uncovered an iron spoon. The "style" would be called "colonial" today, but I doubt that...
  7. Glazed Pipe

    Any idea of the age? I recall seeing it laying around on the ground in the 60's. Dug this piece up about 4" down. No doubting you, I don't have any sewer, nor is it in the neighborhood.
  8. Glazed Pipe

    I have been digging around the colonial farm I grew up on. I have come across a number of small pieces of glazed pipe. I don't imagine that this are colonial period. I remember several large complete pieces (largely tee's) laying around the property when I was a kid. In any case, I was hoping...
  9. Unusual mark inside ring?

    Doesn't the star indicate that it is 14K according to the "world standard" which would be 13K in the U.S.
  10. ✅ SOLVED Motorola Radio or Intercom

    I would also guess older than 1955, no Conelrad marks on the dial.
  11. Old farm equipment too?

    I have found a number of farm implements (particularly, teeth for a harrow) on my property, about 10-11 inches down. Seems like an unusual depth without having been actually buried. But, there were about 10 of them within a very small area, about a 3 foot square. Pictured below, look like spikes.
  12. Further reason to ignore ferrous targets

    As I mentioned, I took 8 lbs of iron out of less than 8 sq ft. It is so dense, the signals are difficult to separate.
  13. Further reason to ignore ferrous targets

    Most of the nails are square although extremely deteriorated. The few round nails and the carriage bolts with nuts do suggest late 19th century. The large 9" "spikes" are called "spikes" only in a descriptive sense. The remaining buildings are mortise and tenon, not using nails of any...
  14. Spikes? Farm Implements?

    Attached is a picture of several of about 10 "spikes" I have found in an 8 square foot area of a colonial era farm (continued farming until 1920 +/-). I have never seen anything similar in building construction. Most of the buildings on the property are of an age to be mortise and tenon, and...
  15. Further reason to ignore ferrous targets

    It has been suggested to me that those "spikes" are teeth for a harrow. Could very well be.