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  1. Am I close to the gold?

    I’ve got much larger than this. This is just what I had without going outside at night
  2. Am I close to the gold?

    Well lol, ok maybe it’s a stream rather. It doesn’t have a name but it feeds Balus creek which dumps into lake Lanier. It is also very close to flat creek and mud creek. At its widest point that I can tell is maybe 7 feet. I haven’t been to where it meets balus bc I don’t wanna trespass, you...
  3. Am I close to the gold?

    How deep roughly would you say that could be? Are we talking 10’s of feet? Or what
  4. Am I close to the gold?

    Thank you so much. You have no idea. This is exactly what I needed. Guidance with good photos lol. . Well I have a lot of that type quartz and other rocks in the creek too. I will take a pic and post it and maybe you or someone can let me know how I am doing. Thanks a million
  5. Am I close to the gold?

    Thanks I will try and ignore rocks lol. Dumb question here… how does someone know when the have hit the bottom of a creek?
  6. Am I close to the gold?

    Hello I am new here and I done caught the gold fever. I live in the northeast ga mountains just south of Dahlonega. I have a small stream in my backyard and I have been exploring, cleaning out the trash people throw and anyways also looking for gold and diamonds and such. I’m pretty positive I...