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  • Great to hear... Get out there and get it done... now all we need is some wind and waves to stir things up for us...
    I just happened to view a few of your posts on the forum and all I can say is "WOW".

    I live just across the harbor from you, on the North Shore, and your finds have stoked my desire to get back onto the beaches. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration and "nice" finds.

    I never ended up detecting the brickyard area, part of it i cant get permission to detect, the other part I need to scout. Thanks for helping.
    I was wondering about Beale st. beach & Scudder lane town landing. Also, have you tried detecting around the brickyard or the old fairgrounds in Barnstable?
    Happy new year, i wish you have great year and happy hunting, so i don't remember you post you any Remark of my Thread.
    I'm sorry if i forgot you.
    regards Hamid
    Hi there! I live on the Cape, too, and was wondering if you could help me in finding out more about metal detecting on the cape. I am new to this since I recently received a Metal Detector as a gift, so i don't know much about where is safe to be ( I am aware Nat. Sea shore is off limits though ) or where the best spots are to find items. I'd love it if you could reply back, Thanks!!
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