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  • new here, I have been metal detecting for a few years now. I am from Fort Wayne In
    and am looking for a hunt buddy. I would like to cover more ground.
    I salute Anatolia. roma current place of residence, is the middle of the ruins of Greek Roman and Phrygians. I have friends that can solve the marks that rocks
    Robertbuck here I'm a new bee bought A DMX300 would like to find a club in orange county new york to help me get started I live in the town of Greenwood Lake N.Y. Can someone steer me to one I'd be much obliged . Thanks r.b.
    Hello from mass. Interested in joining people in western mass to learn more about the hobbie. Feel free to email
    Hello Diggers,
    My name is Arno. I live in the Netherlands near the German border.
    I was always interested in history and started MD- ting in the beginning eighties.In '92 I bought a White's Eagle Spectrum which I still use.
    I wonder if someone has a Blackfoot coil to spare for this MD.
    Most desirable finds are medieval silver coins. I have found several in fine condition. This time of the year, the digging season starts now crop is getting of the fields.
    Have great finds!
    Greatings from the Netherlands, Arno
    Hello everyone. My hubby & I are so new to this type of thing. I actually don't have a clue where to post or anything yet. Anyway, I am Shirley & hubby is Robert. Robbie likes to do panning mostly, can't do the MD yet. But seeings as we are just learning stuff, I am on here to pick everyone's minds on where to go, what to have, what to look for & all the stuff along the panning line. We live in Shasta Lake City, in Shasta county, calif. I am hoping I did this right & it gets posted. Stay cool & have a great day. Shirley
    Hi! I'm trying to upload an image, but it says the pic is too big.. but it is in the Jpeg and is smaller than it should be.. whats the problem?
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