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  1. SILVER coin found today - short hunt due to rain

    Found a few quarters & dimes and only one penny but the best find was the XF+/AU 1944-D Mercury dime only 5 or 6 inches deep in an old school football field. I never get tired of finding silver coins and how well most of them come out of the ground so NICE! Good Luck and Happy Hunting everyone.
  2. Help identifying this coin

    Thanks for the excellent pictures - But looks like a diecast replica of a Spanish coin to me, and does not look like silver. Hope this helps - Take to a coin dealer and they can test the metal content to be sure.
  3. When was the last time YOU found 5 US $1 Coins in ONE HOLE?

    Thanks for ALL the replies to this thread - After hearing this week about Nokta Makro's release of their new "LEGEND" with a multi-frequency capability and a "ferrous" ID tracking bar as an added feature ........hopefully that will make it even easier and of course faster to confirm and/or...
  4. When was the last time YOU found 5 US $1 Coins in ONE HOLE?

    Just another reason to DIG those "95" vid readings on the SIMPLEX+ for you Nokta Makro users! I was detecting an older no longer used football field that I have hunted many times over the past few years and have taken numerous amount of quarters and other coins to include pre 1965 silver dimes...
  5. First time out with the Equinox 800 and my heart almost stopped!!!

    Yes - Great finds, my friend and on the Silver Dollar - You didn't mention that it was an 1889-O New Orleans mint worth at least $35 to $55 (fairly common) with a mintage of 11,875,000 - but if it were a "CC" that year would retail over $1,000 by the 2021 Red Book - Good Job - HH everyone.......BILL
  6. COB or Cut Spanish? Need help.

    From a "fellow COB club member" - NICE find - My cob was found in a city park in FLORIDA - Good Luck & Happy Hunting Everyone.......BILL
  7. After all these years, finally silver!

    Hey, Cougar14, congrats on your 1st & 2nd silver - I agree with "GoDeep" above - I plead guilty as being one of "those guys" that found a lot of SILVER coins and very old coins near the surface and many silver coins only 3 or 4 inches in the ground - because I started hunting over 49 years ago...
  8. Huge First For Me: Quarter Cut Spanish 8 Reales!

    Hey, Sooper Dave - NICE FIND - and I can relate to your "first for me, quarter cut spanish 8 reales". Because I also have found a "first and only for ME a 1/2 Real Spanish Cob" that is undated from the 1600's(my avatar). AND you can tell your daughter this; It was found by me in a local Florida...
  9. Scout camp keeps giving and a tiny silver

    Nice clean-out work and follow-up on those sites - Boy scout camps are always very good and "keeps on giving" with tent pegs being an excellent "clue" for finding lost coins. The early camps dated before 1964 are GREAT for finding SILVER - THANKS for sharing..........BILL
  10. Back To The Soccer Field

    Hey, Ed - Good job and looks like most of the coins have been underground for awhile, except for the recent dropped clad dime - Soccer fields are always good for a few coins and an occasional ring - THANKS for sharing.........BILL
  11. Five short Hunts to Find QUARTERS - Nets GOLD Ring with Marquise cut DIAMOND

    After a couple of "trial" hunts for "targeting only Quarters & above" - I have now expanded this to five more short "quarters+ only" hunts, and have been surprised with the results; Total of 74-quarters, 4-dimes & 6-cents - and a 2007-P Washington Dollar ($19.96 face) - AND a GOLD 10K, Marquise...
  12. Two Half Dollars and Roll (40) Quarters Found today at Soccer Complex - NEW Procedure

    I wanted to try a "new procedure" to increase my number of "quarter" finds and hopefully increase my "half dollar" finds - and possibly even SILVER finds - and to reduce my number of "up & downs" digging pennies & junk. SO, I cranked up the "discrimination" on the SIMPLEX+ to reject ALL targets...
  13. Two Short Hunts - More Clad and a STERLING SILVER St. Christopher Medal/Pendant

    Found 51 coins for a $-total of $7.68, that included 25-quarters, 12-dimes, 1-nickel & 13-cents (all clad). My best find was a 6 to 7 inch buried "Vintage Hayward Sterling Silver, St. Christopher Medal/Pendant" that cleaned up nicely with a toothbrush, soap & water & looks like new. It weighs...
  14. Three short Hunts found 95 coins - A $1 Coin - a SILVER Ring and a Pete Rose Token

    After 3 short outings found a $1 John Adams Presidential Coin, 25-quarters, 35-dimes, 4-nickels and 30-cents (all clad) for a $-total of $11.25. Also found a Sterling Silver Ring and a PETE ROSE "The Hit King" token. I also added a China 1999 1-Yuan found in the "reject tray" of the local...
  15. My first barber quarter and unknown item

    Excellent find - and looks to be "extra fine" condition to me. Also a better date 1895-S with a mintage of only 1,764,681 could retail in excess of $150, and if "graded & slabbed XF-40" as much as $250 - Yes indeed a "Great Find", my friend, for your FIRST Barber Quarter - It don't get any...