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  1. I avoid clad at all cost.


    I was expecting to see a hoard of Gold coins when this thread opened up! lol
  3. Hit our new 1640s land patent site today

    Great looking site, and a Stellar Tombac button Bill
  4. One Last LC

    Congrats on the LC!!
  5. Early 1900s House - A bit of silver shines through

    Wow you really did some digging bud! You've got that tesoro zero'd in!!! Let's hit that 1700's site tomorrow I was telling you about
  6. Set a crazy 12 gold target goal and I hit it!!

    Way to go on hitting that goal!
  7. Soccer field-1 gold 2 silver rings-1 silver cross

    Great recoveries!! Keep it up
  8. Like Teaberry gum? Youll love this. Purists look the other way.

    That is a treasure! Brings back some old memories
  9. good day or bad?

    Nice glass finds Russ!
  10. Should i try to open it?

    That one is in great shape...Looks like 1920's 30's era
  11. Hooked up with the "Fields of Dreams" gang...

    That is a good one! Great site y'all have there
  12. Recovered CW New York Cuff Button

    Nice New York cuff.