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  1. Second snow,with red.

    Thanks RGINN,the only thing they care about is filling their bellies.:laughing7:
  2. The raccoon

    Caught a coyote with one.
  3. Second snow,with red.

    All is well brother Bart.Four months now with this tendon,still have 6 more of weeks PT,I sure hope I am good to go for spring carp fishing.:tongue3:
  4. Second snow,with red.

    I hope it's the last too,I do not like the snow or the cold.Got up to this cardinal at the "bowl" right out the back door I noticed his beak is cracked pretty good birds pose so nice. GOD Bless America ONCE again Chris
  5. First snowfall around here.

    Nikon B 700,this camera has been discontinued,you can find one on E bay in MINT condition as I did.
  6. First snowfall around here.

    Thank you Bill,as winter progresses I'll get some good shots,especially of the squirrels gnawing a frozen turkey carcass,in cold times they eat about anything.
  7. First snowfall around here.

    It does add to pictures,I don't have to go far at all either,just right out the back door. Merry Christmas to ALL. Chris
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    Gold and silver found over the last 11 years.My wife gave me the box.
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