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  1. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    So I have 3 sites that I believe may be in the running. :thumbsup:
  2. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Author's interview from today on a Long Island radio station. A lengthy listen, but about a minute or so in (after talk show host stops talking about his daughter, the Author tells about the book and contest.
  3. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Ok, I am stuck inside this holiday weekend looking for something to do!!! Doesn't anyone want to play? First 5 chapter's are FREE online! If you have not purchased the book yet :tongue3:
  4. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    The subway madness book looks very informative! I had no idea about this and I grew up in NY! But I am thinking it is too much trouble to hid the loot here.
  5. Cold Spring N.J. Pirate Chest found

    Wow, that must have been a fun day!
  6. Lost Woman's rings, Fire Island NY

    Posting for a friend, not sure if anyone is in this area. Ok need EVERYONE'S help!! Really embarrassing but I unfortunately lost both of my rings this weekend. đŸ˜­ So I need help!! I would ask if whoever feels compelled to share this post on their FB page to share it for me. Unfortunately I...
  7. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    I am looking at the letters I (Eye) and C (See) and trying to work them into a cypher with some of the phrases that stick out to me. I was reading about the book 'The clock without a face' and thought that the times/days mentioned in Harry Hid It could be relevant as well.
  8. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    The Legend of Forrest Fenn I came upon this...does this mean he found the treasure? Or his daughter is the treasure??
  9. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    I have been looking into the Khan Academy website to try to figure out what cipher may have been used, colors vs phrases. Any recommendations?
  10. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Harry's Heists 1. JFK airport, Diamond heist 2. Fat Tony's Ocean Club- Cash 3. Kidnapping of Mrs. Dean- Cash 250,000 dollars 4. Hans and Heidi Bamberger- cash and jewels worth @ 2 million 5. City wide check cashing (Victor Egbert)-250,000 in cash
  11. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Books Harry is reading : Scuba diving the wrecks and shores of Long Island Subway madness- exploring the hidden spaces- An underground culture of NYC subways Guild book to hiking the trails of NJ and Pennsylvania Old USA Geological Survey 'Cornwall'
  12. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Other possible Clues : Paintings Harry is a mechanic at Kennedy Airport in NY. But he love to paint.(Landscapes, Objects, Portraits. At the end of the book they mention his works that are set up in his home. 1. A series of Landscapes done at the beach 2. The Sun rising or setting 3. Anger of...
  13. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Words that are used repetitively in first chapter or two are, Rear, Back, Corner. Other flags for me in Chapter One, pg. 3 'I'll trust your discerning eye" another mention to an I? Cars are Harry's biggest passion, working on cars were his way to relax. Page 5, Chose the number for John...
  14. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Another thing I am looking at in Chapter one, plus other chapters is Timing. "His Timing is good" page 5. Harry brings along his dog Max, a Bouvier des Flandres, on many car trips when it appears he may be stashing the goods. To parks, marina's to scuba dive, to north Jersey to parachute jump...
  15. New Treasure Book "Harry Hid It"

    Their website has a link to the first 5 chapters for free, we have till March 2017 before we can submit an answer to the contest. Since Harry Strickland pulled of a few heists, not sure if he hid the cash and jewels in one spot or many. From the Edgar Allen Poe reference, I am thinking it is one...