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  1. First Post: Are most of these just random rocks? Or are they something more?

    you need to educate yourself on what techniques and technologies were available and what signs those techniques leave behind . Everything you have pointed out shows none of those signs . And for arguments sake lets say they were formed naturally, those items show no signs of being used. None of...
  2. First Post: Are most of these just random rocks? Or are they something more?

    without seeing and holding them in person i'd say just from the pictures there might be a flake or 2 of flint in there but everything looks natural to me. it's not just about the shape. you also need to look for signs of how it was made. are there peck marks or sanding where it was formed? is...
  3. Adena/Andaste/Giants

    when John Smith met the Susquehannocks it was noted they did not speak Algonquin. Even the name Susquehannock is the name there Algonquin neighbors gave to them, what they called themselves is lost to history. The Iroquois being the only other major tribe that didn't speak some form of Algonquin...
  4. Jackpot!

    the wheats are 1909(no VDB), 1913, 1918 and 2x 1919. I wish the purse was silver, it was silver washed and it was flaking off which made rechecking the hole harder. Thank you all for the likes and comments. just remember no site is ever "hunted out" . this is my "plan B" site". I've been to it...
  5. Beauty material

    where are you located? here in the mid atlantic area that material would be jasper.
  6. Jackpot!

    went looking for new permissions today but i suppose it was fortunate there was no one home at any of the places i checked . in hopes of salvaging a day of beautiful weather i stopped at a site which has produced some of my best finds. This is one of my "plan B" sites , I've probably detected it...
  7. Heart breaker of the year!

    In my neck of the woods i would call that broken one a knife from the Fox Creek point era. It may look crude now , but that is because the material it is made of (Argillite) is erodes easily. Here is a pic of a similar one i found
  8. Pinpointing with V3I

    As others have said, start your pinpointing away from the target. where you get the highest return 'should" be above the target but DD coils are a little tricky till you get the hang of them. Swing side to side in pinpoint. where you get the highest return move the coil toward and away from you...
  9. Indian scrapper?

    next time i would suggest posting in the Native American forum for more looks from more trained eyes. I see what you're saying but I don't think it's a scraper.
  10. Hammer find?

    The only way to tell the age would be to find pottery or points in association with it. With most native tools the technology didn't change for thousands of years.
  11. New to the forum from Harrisburg, PA

    Hello Hoss, Welcome to the forum! the MX5 isn't bad from what i hear but it was recently discontinued so it may not be the best choice. I hear good things about the MX sport . I'm hoping to pick one of those up myself.
  12. Unexpected find: copper arrowhead?

    I would say it looks like one. Its near impossible to find an exact match since these weren't mass produced and traded to the natives. Points like this one where made from brass or copper trade pots which the natives then cut and made into points .
  13. Continuing with premissions

    I'm happy I've never encountered this problem before. But it's kinda the reason i bring my backup detector. If the owner seems on the fence about giving permission or shows interest in detecting it himself I offer my backup detector and we can search together.
  14. i had to kneel down to get stood up

    Got permission for a farm that has been occupied since the 1790's. Unfortunately it was detected once before about 10 yrs ago. But that didn't scare me away. The front yard was quite , i had to pass my coil over my shovel just to make sure it was working. Then all of a sudden... My First...