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  1. Great find at a park!!!!!

    Grats! I get that from my wife all the time
  2. Park hunt

    whats the mint mark on that :)
  3. Elkhart/south bend areas

    Some days its all trash other days you will fill your pockets with clad :) Keep that coil on the ground and swing it slow, If you need some tips we can hook up sometime and hit something in elkhart
  4. Elkhart/south bend areas

    I use the XP Deus and Atpro. I have used the M6 if that's what you are still using...
  5. Elkhart/south bend areas

    If anyone needs help with detecting or anything related shoot me a pm, I have used most of the detectors and been hunting for a long time. I can do something early Saturday mornings. Greg
  6. Howdy!

    Were still around :p
  7. Elkhart Detecting

    there's a few of us out of elkhart... whats up
  8. Whos who?

    Elkhart area, if you need any help let me know.. digginjimmyhoffa and me hunt the area..
  9. NWI

    I'm close to the hospital...
  10. NWI

    elkhart I'm in Elkhart if you ever want to hunt...toss a pm
  11. Hey Guys!

    Theirs a few of us in elkhart county, you can hunt the parks, just make sure you fill your holes in and remove the trash you dig. Greg
  12. Victory Ribbon

    Most military ribbons had a post on either end of the ribbon, this was like a stick pin with a clasp or something... should of took a pic of the back i will when i get home tonight
  13. Victory Ribbon

    Anyone have info on this by chance, its the size of a military ribbon, its attached with a pin on the back (pin missing)
  14. 64 degrees and falling

    Love that navy button and that v nickel is in great shape
  15. oddities from the last few hunts

    I like the keyring :) and the button... The elcar stuff is cool, found one of them at a friends yard and the other came out of an old housing area