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  • :laughing7: Yes there are a few of us that seem to always agree . It's hard sometimes to catch it in the written word , but always good.....:occasion14:
    No XLTer, it is my honor. There's several of us on here who seem to see things the same way, and with that cutting sense of humor as well!
    Nothing old today, except the pin. The big coin turned out to be a penguins medalion.. lol. No silver... The lone ranger is still hoofin it ! lol... Cleaned up that token I found at alameda. Independent brewing co. Pgh. Butler brewery. Went out of business by 1920 due to prohibition. Thanks for inviting me. Still had an awesome time !!!
    I know . We'll kick his butt at Moose Home . LOL Cell # 724-822-0917 . Let me know when you can make it . 2 detectors are better than 1
    Awesome ! Don't have your number. Tony was killing it at Alameda. I didnt get much of anything. He had a indian head penny, a wheat, two barbers and a merc when I left. His new name is DICK. lol
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