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  1. ✅ SOLVED Chinese coin

    Looking forward to your new Chinese coin discoveries. Many Chinese cash coins are not worth much but they are unique and have different features within a particular emperor's reign. Not just different minting locations but sometimes the Chinese characters are written in a different script or...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Chinese coin

    The coin you have appears to be a standard style Qian Long emperor coin. It probably measures between 23mm to 24mm in diameter and weighs around 4 grams. One of the interesting features is the top part of the 通 tong character (the character on the right side of the coin). It’s called a square...
  3. Coinstar gives up an interesting assortment of coins

    It's a 乾隆通宝 Qianlong emperor coin. The coin, if authentic, would have been minted between 1735-1796.
  4. Coinstar gives up an interesting assortment of coins

    I would need a photo of the other side of the coin to identify the Qing emperor.
  5. Zheng He and his lost Chinese treasure ships ?

    Interesting theory... The article states Zheng He's boats (Ming treasure ships) were over 400 feet long. Here is the quote from the article: "After several months of searching with Google Earth, during 2017, two almost identical ships were located, each being about 450 ft. (150 meters) in...
  6. Coinstar gives up an interesting assortment of coins

    From your second photo, the Chinese coin mint mark indicates it was minted in Suzhou Jiangsu province.
  7. Somewhere new.

    Congrats! The coin looks to be Kangxi emperor (1661-1722). Happy Treasure Hunting.
  8. Today quick visit…

    Yes you are correct. In my excitement I selected the wrong message to reply to. I was wanting to reply to a previous message about old chinese coins and to show how they were used in the past as a drawer pull. Happy Treasure Hunting.
  9. Today quick visit…

    That is interesting. Here is a video from 2 years ago of a Chinese coin collector taking off old drawer handles to extract the old chinese coins used for the drawer pull. Unfortunately the condition of the coins were not good. He called them 柜子钱 "cupboard coins"
  10. Rare Coin from China's Warring states

    A recently posted video. A rare coin from China's Warring states time (475-221BC).
  11. My "best" find today!

    Congrats on the coin find. Here is a wiki link about Emperor Daoguang.
  12. 🥇 BANNER Found a cache of chinese coins

    Congrats on the Banner! I hope you find more Chinese Dynasty coins in the future. As they say in Chinese 加油! Happy Hunting!
  13. 🥇 BANNER Found a cache of chinese coins

    I look forward to your future coin finds. It's rare on this website forum to have a treasure hunter in an area that can find Chinese Dynasty coins that could date to Ming or even MUCH earlier. If you do find early Chinese Dynasty coins I hope they can be displayed as a banner. It would be like...
  14. Chinese Picture

    Actually it appears to be Korean. Here is a webpage to help you. Happy Hunting
  15. 🥇 BANNER Found a cache of chinese coins

    From the photographs I can Identify two of the coins. One looks to be a qianlong 乾隆 (qing dynasty) coin and the other jiaqing 嘉慶 (qing dynasty). It would be great to see all the coins once they are cleaned up. Also to see the mint marks on the back to ID which part of China they were minted...